Mysore Public School is being run by A.R Education Trust,which is dedicated to the cause of good education in the country.The school was established in 1999 under the patronage and loving care of Janab Abdul Salam, its founder President. It has had a phenomenal growth over the last four years. read more
Founder's  Message Providing the best education and knowledge to the student is our duty. Producing a good citizen to this country is our responsibility for which we strive to provide the best.
The school has about 40 well qualified professional staff from more than 4 states in India. Each student receives individual attention.20 supporting staff reinforce the educational programme. read more
Mysore May 29 2003 The Mountaineering Club of MPS in association with Planet - X have organized various activities in commemoration with the Golden Jubilee celebration of the Conquest of Mount Everest read more
The curriculum of our school has two major tasks before it. One is to humanize our children and the other is to keep pace with the knowledge explosion taking place in every walk of life. Our curriculum prepares young people for citizenship and professional courses and determines that knowledge, skills, attitude, and values showed from the basis of the curriculum at different stages of education read more
Principal's Desk Allumini
A nurturing environment that provides plenty of care and stimulation are awaiting for you at MPS. read more
Mysore Public School has one of the best allumini. It is a privilege to our ex students to gather and share their experiences read more